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Amnesty calls for an investigation into the destruction of mosque buildings

RSU: 26TH JUNE 2016 The Myanmar authorities must undertake a prompt, independent, thorough, transparent and impartial investigation into the violent destruction of buildings in a mosque compound on Thursday in Bago Region in central Myanmar, said Amnesty International in a statement on June 24. “The authorities must take swift action to show that it isRead More »

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ERC urges Aung San Su Kyi Government to uphold democratic principles and rule of law

RSU: June 22, 2016 Press Release by The Burma Times The European Rohingya council (ERC) and the Rohingya community are deeply surprised and saddened by Aung San Su Kyi led government’s move in the footsteps of previous Thien Sein led quasi-civilian government forcing Rohingya to self-identify as illegal immigrants by issuing so-called National Verification CardRead More »

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Mosque and properties under mob attacks in Thuyethamain Village, Waw

RSU: 23rd Jun 2016 M-Media Reported by Waw CJ On 23rd Jun afternoon, starting from a quarrel led to mob attack on Muslims’ properties, a mosque and a primary religious school in Thuyethamain Village, Waw Township, Bago Region. As a result, all local Muslims fled from their houses. They scattered apart and sought for refuge.Read More »

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Rohingya Refuse National Verification Cards Posted By: adminPosted date: June 15, 2016In: National New

Sittwe Correspondent: The Rohingya Muslims of Arakan State, Burma have refused to face National Scrutiny Exercise and to receive National Verification Cards (NVCs) since their ethnicity and religion is not appeared on the cards, said a police officer. RSU : 16:JUNE:2016; The National Verification Cards are handed over automatically to those who will be scrutinizedRead More »

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“Election or Elimination of Rohingya in Burma?”

IN Myanmar, The national election of Myanmar becomes a concern and remains being a hope of transaction to democracy for all the nationals of Myanmar (formerly Burma) regardless of ethnic, race and religion. It is expected that the election is to be held on November of the year 2015 which the nationals of the countryRead More »

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Increased military activity in Mamra

: November 01, 2015 A corpse is floating in the river near Mamra giving rise to speculation and confusion among Rohingyas and Rakhines alike. Our correspondent in the area says since Sunday morning, a dead body and an empty boat in the river is raising both curiosity and fears among the populace. Due to increasedRead More »

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Spate of attacks by mobs and security forces throughout Maungdaw

November 01, 2015 There has been a spate of attacks by Rakhine mobs and security forces on Rohingya homes in the last few days. On Thursday night, a mob attacked and destroyed the house of Asmat Ullah in Hashurata, Maungdaw South. The attackers were backed by the police. Hundreds of Rohingyas witnessed the incident butRead More »

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House burns down mysteriously in Sidhar para

October 24, 2015 A house burned down in mysterious circumstances in Sidhar para, Maungdaw. On Monday at around 4.30 pm, the house of Md Solim caught fire and burned down within moments. Rohingyas in the neighbourhood allege the fire is an arson attack caused by Buddhist nationalists. One reason for the claim is the fireRead More »

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BGP deployment creates panic as Rohingyas robbed of daily income

October 24, 2015 BGP forces recently stationed around the Aung Minglar quarter in Akyab town began their tenure by seizing the daily income of Rohingya rickshaw pullers in the town. On Wednesday BGP forces suddenly appeared around the check posts at the Muslim quarter. Their sudden arrival raised tensions among the Muslims as there areRead More »

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The Winds of Democracy in Myanmar Must Blow in the Direction of Muslims

.16 September 2015 The history of democracy in Myanmar is a rather troubled one. From the 11th to the 19th centuries, the country was weakened by fighting among its princelings, but was then gradually colonized by the British after 1826. British rule came to an official end in 1948, but independence did not bring democracyRead More »

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