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The Significance of the term “kalar” for the Rohingyas and the Burmese Muslims

In ancient times dark skinned people dotted around the coastal regions from Africa, south India, up to the Papua New Genia. Under attack from the light skinned organized band of people from the north against these dark skinned Negroids (seen not being quite human, or at best demons,) these people continued to retreat to theRead More »

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The Advent of Islam in Arakan and the Rohingyas

Arakan is one of the states of the union of Burma adjoining Bangladesh. It comprises of a strip of land along the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal from the Naf river on the border of Chittagong to the cape Negarise. It lies between the Arakan Yuma range and the Bay of Bengal. AsRead More »

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The Crescent in Arakan

The Arakan District, extending some 350 miles along the eastern shores of the Bay of Bengal is cut off from Burma by a range of near impassable mountains which were an obstacle against permanent Muslim conquest but permitted occasional in roads and contacts between Bengal and Burma. The northern part of Arakan, today called theRead More »

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Bengal-Arakan Relation:A Study in Historical Perspective

Bengal and Arakan were two neighbouring countries; they are neighbour even now but under changed political setup. The Naf river is the border line between the two countries. The Arakanese chronicles claim that the kingdom was founded in the year 2666 B.C.1 For many centuries Arakan had been an independent Kingdom due to its geographicalRead More »

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Arakan, formerly called Rohang, lies on the north–western part of Burma with 360 miles coastal belt from the Bay of Bengal. It borders 167 miles with Bangladesh both by land and sea. Rohingyas have been living in Arakan from time immemorial. They are a people with distinct culture and civilization of their own. They traceRead More »

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Burmese invasion of Arakan and the rise of non Bengali settlements in Bangladesh

Origin of the Tribes of Chittaging Hill Tract (CHT) By Abid Bahar, Canada Introduction: Arakan was a medieval kingdom located at the edge of South Asia became a province of Burma after the Burmese invasion in 1784 and the subsequent annexation of it with Burma. To the people of India and Bangladesh, Arakan became sadlyRead More »

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