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“An Open letter to Honorable President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama”

To Honorable President, Mr. Barack Obama, United States of America (USA). “An Open letter to Honorable President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama” Dear President: We, the executive members of the Rohingya Student Union, on behalf of long oppressed victims Rohingya community would like to highlight critical issues which are desperately needed to be addressed byRead More »

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U.S. Calls On Myanmar To Grant Rohingya Citizenship

25 June 2015 The U.S. has resettled about 1,000 Rohingya Muslims in the past year. U.S. officials say the only real solution to the refugee crisis will come when Myanmar recognizes the Rohingya as citizens. AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: About a thousand Rohingya Muslims have been resettled in the U.S. in the last year. More mayRead More »

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UN adviser calls for taking ‘leap of faith’ to ensure peaceful, unified Myanmar

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 RSU:  The United Nations Special Adviser for Myanmar today wrapped up a visit to the country during which he visited Rakhine state to see first-hand the progress made to provide aid to local communities, as well as actions being taken to address underlying causes of recent violence. This was the eighthRead More »

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Modi’s advice to stakeholders in Sri Lanka: Engage Constructively

Saturday, 23 August 2014 RSU: New Dehli- Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday told all stakeholders in Sri Lanka to work in a “spirit of partnership” and “mutual accommodation” to find a lasting political solution “that builds upon the 13th Amendment” of the Sri Lankan Constitution. He met a six-member delegation of the Tamil National AllianceRead More »

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Prince Charles ‘compared Russian actions to Nazis’

21 May 2014 Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are on a four-day tour of Canada A former Polish war refugee who met Prince Charles in Canada has said he likened some Nazi actions in Europe to those of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Marienne Ferguson was speaking after meeting Prince Charles at a Nova ScotiaRead More »

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What will Narendra Modi’s foreign policy be like?

21 May 2014 Narendra Modi has spoken very little on foreign policy issues Foreign policy issues did not enjoy much prominence in the Indian general election campaign, with Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi devoting almost all of his rallies and speeches to questions of governance and economic development. Only on a handful of occasions did heRead More »

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China media: Ties with Africa

12 May 2014 Premier Li’s visit is likely to boost China’s ties with African nations, papers say Media discuss China-Africa ties as Premier Li Keqiang concludes his four-nation tour to the continent. Mr Li visited Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya in a week-long trip that ended on Saturday. While in Kenya, he signed formal agreementsRead More »

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Can South Sudan be saved from self-destruction?

1 May 2014  After months of war, it took a brutal massacre followed by a revenge attack inside a UN compound to bring international attention back to a country racked by both violence and a deepening humanitarian crisis. South Sudan’s downward path is now being talked about in the context of the two great AfricanRead More »

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PJ Crowley: A different agenda for US Merkel visit

1 May 2014 Angela Merkel’s 2014 visit to the US will be all business, unlike the more chummy past meetings When German Chancellor Angela Merkel sits down for lunch on Friday with US President Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Ukraine will be the main course, and Edward Snowden the centrepiece. Whether or not he isRead More »

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Four RAF Typhoon jets head for Lithuania deployment

28 April 2014 The Typhoons will be joined by more than 100 RAF support staff in Lithuania Four RAF Typhoons will leave their base in Lincolnshire later for Lithuania to help carry out Nato’s air policing role of the Baltic states. The Typhoons and six Polish jets will take over from a US squadron toRead More »

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