About us

Rohingya Student Union (RSU), is an international Rohingya students organization which is established in 14th January 2014 in United State of America (USA) . it has branches in different countries like Bangladesh ,Burma ,India etc. it is a Non-Governmental and non-profitable organization ,formed by the Rohingya students in different countries of the world who committed to work for the welfare of Rohingya students intending to avoid the illiterates in the Rohingya community and to bring all Rohingya into the strongest unity or one voice so that the Rohingya societies will become better . RSU also intends to establish a relationship of dialogue, understanding and appreciation among all Burmese and international student societies. RSU will not only strive for the freedom of movement of Rohingya but also keep its surveillance on the development of the Rohingya higher education in every corner of the world. RSU will represent the Rohingya students’ and youths’ issues throughout the organized conferences and research circles as well as workshops.

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