Sittwe is Under Attack of Rakhine Buddhist Extremists

26 March 2014

Rohingya student union; Sittwe, Arakan- Rakhine Buddhist extremists are destroying the UNFPA office now in Sittwe , capital of Arakan state. Two staffs are heavily beaten and the situation is very tense since Rakhine extremists are gathering coming by trucks around the Aung Minglar quarter. The security forces shot toward the sky to divide the crowds. The security forces are out of control as they don’t use the adequate power to control people since the extremists are Buddhists.

The extremists demand Myanmar government to postpone census conduct in Arakan state or to release order for Rohingya to write Bengali instead of Rohingya in the census code 91; otherwise, the Rakhine ethnic group will boycott the census. They also threatened that there may erupt more violence in upcoming days before the conclusion of census conduct.